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trenbolone cycle

trenbolone cycle

February 08,2019

1. The functions and properties of Tren:

Tren A is a 19-nor steroid, and both Tren and Deca Durabolin (Nandrolone Decanoate) fall into this category. This class of steroids refers to a structural change in which testosterone loses a carbon atom at the nineteenth position. In fact Tren is a variant of Nandrolone. Tren has a double bond at the ninth and eleventh carbons, which slows down the metabolism, enhances the binding ability to the androgen receptor and inhibits aromatization. These changes make Tren one of the strongest steroids. Tren's anabolic rate and virilization rate are both 500, while Testosterone's is only 100 for these indicators.

The relatively short ester chain of Tren A gives it a half-life of approximately 48 hours to 72 hours, and the nature of short-acting drugs requires frequent injections of Tren.

Like many other steroids, Tren can greatly enhance protein synthesis and nitrogen storage in muscle tissue. More protein synthesis means more muscle and further anabolism, protecting muscle and accelerating recovery when the calories drop. The more nitrogen stored, the higher the rate of anabolism. Conversely, when the nitrogen level drops, the muscle will be broken down and lost. When nitrogen stores increase, the synthetic environment becomes stronger, muscle tissue is protected, and recovery is better.

Tren can also greatly increase Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1). This is a powerful peptide hormone with strong anabolic properties. It is extremely important in the process of physical and mental recovery, affecting almost every cell. IGF-1 also affects muscles, ligaments, tendons, cartilage, central nervous system and lungs. Tren is pretty much the strongest steroid for boosting IGF-1.

Tren can also greatly increase red blood cells. Red blood cells are responsible for transporting oxygen. The increase in red blood cells can improve blood oxygen concentration, improve muscle endurance and recovery speed, and this property of Tren is not much stronger than other drugs.

Tren also inhibits glucocorticoids, which are the opposite of anabolic steroid hormones that destroy muscle and accumulate fat. But they are also very important factors to maintain good health. Using Tren ensures that corticosteroids do not become the dominant hormone, which is especially true during the fat loss phase, when cortisol can easily take over. Tren A's strong ability to bind to androgen receptors can also be beneficial during the calorie control phase. Like many steroids, Tren greatly increases metabolic rate, binds to androgen receptors and is associated with direct fat breakdown, which is a must for any athlete.

The last property is to increase the efficiency of food utilization. That's why this hormone-like compound is used in animal husbandry. Food is an important part of any program and is the most anabolic thing we consume. But the human body can only use part of it. After using Tren, the utilization rate of various nutrients has been improved. The body can absorb and utilize more without changing the total amount ingested. It's like you can now get more value for the same money.

2. The role of Tren:

Tren's effects are sure to impress, and in practice, it's more valuable in the fat-loss phase than in the muscle-gaining phase.

Tren works better than almost any other drug during the diet phase, effectively protecting muscle, one of the most critical goals of fat loss. In order to lose fat, you must consume more than you consume, which threatens and reduces muscle tissue. As you lose fat, you also start to lose muscle mass as your body begins to use muscle tissue for energy needs. A successful eating plan should ensure that the body's stored fat is burned to meet this need, but due to the body's self-protection mechanisms, muscle function often occurs. Tren can protect muscle volume and accelerate fat burning. The reason for the accelerated fat burning is the increase in metabolic rate and the effect of Tren binding to the androgen receptor.

Protecting muscle and burning fat are not the only benefits of Tren during the fat loss period. Tren not only surpasses any one steroid, but also surpasses any combination of two steroids, making you look drier, with better separation (cut feeling), blood vessels More obvious (burst blood vessels).

Tren is not only a good helper for bodybuilders to prepare for competitions, but also an excellent choice for off-season muscle gain. It builds muscle while being "cleaner" than most traditional steroids. Tren does not increase water storage, but increases high-quality muscle. Tren can also help you manage body fat during the growth phase. During the muscle-building period, the intake exceeds the consumption. Most people will increase the intake significantly, which will increase fat accumulation, but the high metabolic rate brought by Tren can solve this problem to the greatest extent. Although the drug has this convenience, the drug user should control the calorie intake not to be too high.

Regardless of the purpose of use, Tren can greatly increase muscle endurance, so you can train for longer. Some people claim that aerobic endurance has been negatively affected after using Tren, but this has something to do with each person's physique, and some people don't have this problem; while muscle endurance and overall recovery speed are enhanced, your training process will destroy muscle tissue, and Tren can make recovery faster and more efficient.

Tren can also significantly increase strength. Not only in the off-season, the strength will increase during the calorie maintenance phase of the season. When the calorie is reduced, if Tren is used at the beginning of the diet plan, the strength may also improve to a certain extent. When athletes have very low body fat before competition, Tren can still help maintain most of their strength.

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3. Side effects of Tren:

Although the side effects of Tren are exaggerated, it cannot be said that it is the safest and best steroid to use. Many side effects of Tren are similar to other steroids and can be controlled, which basically depends on genetic conditions and sensitivity. But some people are allergic to Tren, and these people cannot use Tren. Information about Tren side effects:

1. Feminization:

Tren has no estrogenic properties and does not aromatize at all so it does not cause water retention. However, its strong progestogenic properties may stimulate breast tissue leading to breast milk. The vast majority of men don't have this problem, but some people who are sensitive to gynecomastia do, using antiestrogens if needed.

In the past, it was thought that the breast milk caused by Tren was produced by prolactin, but William Llewellyn's research proved the error of this view, and concluded that it was progesterone, not prolactin, that caused breast milk. He also pointed out that the use of aromatizing steroids together with Tren will greatly increase the chance of gynecomastia, so it is necessary to use antiestrogens.

2. Masculinization:

Tren is a hyperandrogenic hormone, and its side effects include acne, hair loss, and increased body hair. Although these side effects are possible, it all depends on your genes. If you don't have the male pattern baldness gene then the medication won't cause hair loss. If you have a genetic problem with this, the medicine will just speed up the process. (Tren is one of the most effective steroids for male pattern baldness.)

3. Cardiovascular:

For cardiovascular problems, Tren will inhibit good cholesterol HDL and increase bad cholesterol LDL, and this property of Tren is weaker than most oral steroids, but stronger than most injectable steroids. Therefore, Cycle needs to take good care of the problem of cholesterol. It can reduce saturated fat and simple carbohydrates through the intake of rich omega fatty acids. It is also necessary to add regular cardio to the plan. Even in the off-season, it is a good choice to use antioxidants during the Tren Cycle.

Tren may also have a negative effect on blood pressure, although most healthy men will be fine. But you still have to pay attention to this, once the blood pressure is out of control, stop the medicine immediately.

4. Suppress endogenous testosterone:

Tren will seriously inhibit the secretion of testosterone, and exogenous testosterone must be added during Cycle. After the end of the cycle, exogenous steroids are excreted and secreted again, but the amount of testosterone is very low, and it takes a long time to fully recover. Therefore, PCT is necessary. The PCT program can stimulate natural testosterone recovery and ensure that the body has enough testosterone to maintain normal physiological functions during the recovery period. PCT can shorten the recovery process and ensure that cortisol will not become the dominant hormone in the long-term low testosterone state. If cortisol dominates, your hard-won body will be ruined.

5. Hepatotoxicity:

Tren damage to the liver is extremely rare unless you use exaggerated doses that far exceed the vast majority of humans.

6. "Allergic" reactions

The last bit of Tren side effects can make some people unable to use this steroid. Symptoms include anxiety, insomnia, night sweats and rapid heartbeat. Some people lower the dose to solve the problem, but higher doses can amplify these conditions.

7. Other side effects

Other possible side effects of Tren include night sweats, coughing, increased body odor, and darker urine.

4 the use of Tren:

For people who are looking for body changes, Tren A 50-100 mg every two days is a very good dosage range. At the beginning, 50 mg every two days will have a significant effect, and 100 mg every two days can basically meet the needs of everyone. . Very few athletes need to use more than 100 mg of Tren every two days during the off-season. Higher doses must be at the time of fat loss, some people can tolerate 100mg per day or 200mg every two days, but doing so will greatly increase the risk of side effects, especially "anaphylaxis" reactions.

50 mg every two days seems to be very little, but you must know that Tren is extremely effective. This dose is controllable and effective enough for most men. If the effect is not good, there may be something wrong with the medicine you bought.

In terms of injection frequency, every two days is the most efficient. Daily injections are doable but no better than every other day. Three times a week is also possible. The specific operation is to inject the drug every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This will cause a slight decrease in the blood drug concentration due to the absence of drug administration for two consecutive days on weekends, but this is not a big problem except for competitive athletes.

5. Tren review:

Tren is undoubtedly one of the strongest steroids on the market. Although there are not many medical applications, its contribution to strength and body shaping is worthy of recognition, especially in the preparation period. .

Tren is the first choice for the preparation period, because it still puts a lot of pressure on the cardiovascular system. Users in good health can greatly benefit both off-season and in-season.

Trenbolone Acetate Overview:


(Trenbolone Base + Acetate Ester) Tren+ Acetate Chain

Molecular formula: C20 H24 O3

Molecular weight: 312.4078

Molecular weight of Tren: 270.3706

Ester chain molecular weight: 60.0524

Molecular formula of Tren: C18 H22 O2

Ester chain molecular formula: C2 H4 O2

Tren melting point: 183-186C

Melting point of ester chain: 16.6oC

Male dose: 50-100mg every other day

Not recommended for women

Half-life: 2-3 days

Detection time: 5 months

Anabolic/Androgenic Rate: 500/500

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Tren Cycle:

A good Tren Cycle will not let you down. It is easy to control and has a variety of types. You can choose the enanthate version (Tren E) or the cyclohexyl carbonate version (Tren Hexa), but Tren A is still the most efficient (Fast action). Tren can be used both during the off-season and during the preparation period

Basic Tren Cycle:

The foundation does not mean weak. The first time you use Tren Cycle, you need to include testosterone, because Tren will inhibit your own testosterone secretion. If there is no exogenous testosterone, the body will not be able to produce testosterone.

The dose is Tren 50 mg every two days, which can be increased to 75 mg every two days if you tolerate it well. In most cases, the entire medication period is maintained for eight weeks, and twelve weeks is also acceptable, but eight weeks is still better from a health point of view. You should only consider twelve weeks if you have some experience and are serious about preparing for the competition. Off-season Tren stacks well with Testosterone, Dbol or Anadrol. Tren can be paired with testosterone and other steroids such as Winstrol and Anavar during prep.

An Advanced Tren Cycle always starts with 100 mg every two days and often increases to 100 mg per day over time. This kind of daily medication is generally not used in the off season, because it will not build too much muscle, but will put a strain on the body.

The non-season advanced Tren Cycle is generally 100 mg every two days, with testosterone and Dbol, but the real master has developed a partial overlapping method, such as using testosterone and Deca for twelve weeks, adding Tren in the tenth week, to Deca was stopped in the twelfth week, leaving only Tren and testosterone (the example does not include oral Dbol or Anadrol, etc.):

Week 1-20 Testosterone

Week 1-12 Deca-Durabolin

Week 10-20 Trenbolone

There are many types of season cycle options. Tren is generally used in the second half of the plan. For example, if you prepare for the game for 16 weeks, Tren should appear in the next 8 to 12 weeks. You can also use the above superposition method. Many athletes like to layer Tren and Equipoise during this phase, along with Winstrol, testosterone, antiestrogens, and fat burning products.

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