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Guidelines for safe use of anabolic steroid cycle that you must know

Guidelines for safe use of anabolic steroid cycle that you must know

February 12,2016

Guidelines for safe use of steroid cycle that you must know

1 Avoid counterfeit and underground steroids. Anabolic steroids produced by illegal manufacturers are often of poor quality and very cheap and can pose health risks to users beyond what the steroids themselves present. Even if they contain properly labeled doses of actual steroids, underground drugs can contain toxic heavy metals, use dirty ingredients, and even carry bacteria, viruses, and other forms of contaminants. Factory-grade drug purity can only be assured to the public through an extremely expensive, tedious, methodical quality assurance process, and government oversight. For most underground drug manufacturers, it is not economical or even logical to produce their drugs at such high purity levels. Counterfeit and underground medicines are not considered equal substitutes for real medicines and should be avoided

2 Avoid toxic oral steroids. With the exception of Andriol, Primobolan, and Proviron, each oral steroid discussed in this reference book is a c-17α alkylated compound and should be avoided whenever possible. While there may be many clinical reasons for prescribing these drugs, when used at the higher doses required for muscle growth, drugs often have significant negative effects on certain health indicators. The most significant effect is to increase the ratio of LDL (bad) to HDL (good) cholesterol in the body, which tends to increase plaque deposits in the arteries.

3 Consider testosterone as a priority. Of all the anabolic/androgenic steroids produced, testosterone esters such as propionate, heptanate, and testosterone complex (Sustanon) tend to have the lowest negative effects on health when used in doses of muscle building and performance enhancement. Testosterone drugs provide the same hormones that are produced in the body, exhibiting the same physical and physiological effects. In addition to being one of the most effective muscle builders, testosterone generally has a positive (not negative) effect on libido, supports positive emotions, and supplements the estrogen necessary to make cholesterol levels less negatively transferred. If possible, specific use of testosterone drugs for physical or performance enhancement is recommended

4 Limit yourself to the "safest" drugs. If injecting testosterone alone is not feasible, it is recommended to limit the use of the safest steroid. Among injection types, the following drugs have the lowest cardiovascular stress and are recommended: Deca-Durabolin (Norone decanoate), Durabolin (Norone phenylpropionate), Equipoise (Baudanone undecylenate), and Primobolan Depot (Metinolone heptanate). If oral steroids are required, only Andriol, Primobolan, or Proviron should be used. These agents are not C-17α-alkylated, and all can provide additional steroid activity without the same levels of cardiovascular and liver stress of other common oral steroids, including Anadrol (Convalone), Anavar (oxyandrosaurus), Dianabol (dehydromethyltestosterone), and Winstrol (Convalone)

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