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boldenone undecylenate recipe

boldenone undecylenate recipe

January 01,2020

boldenone undecylenate for sale

Boldenone Undecylate Review

Boldenone Undecylate is most commonly recognized under the trade name Bldenone Undecylenate, Boldenone is an injectable veterinary steroid with strong anabolic properties and moderate androgenic properties. Undecanoate greatly prolongs the drug's activity (undecanoate is only one carbon atom longer than caprate). Bodybuilders appreciate the drug's well-balanced anabolic and androgenic properties, and they often consider it a more Deca is a stronger, more androgenic alternative. It is less expensive than decanter and can replace decanter in most cycles without drastically changing the end result. Boldenone is also commonly prescribed as a drug that increases red blood cell production. Trace amounts of Boldenone are naturally present in the human body, and the development of Boldenone actually evolved from Dianabol, removing the liver toxicity of Dianabol. Boldenone itself has been

After 5-Alpha-Reduce changes, it is derived into DihydroBoldenone, which is the famous 1T, and 1T is then derivatized by 17-Alpha methylation into the oral Methyl-1-Testosterone, which is the more famous M1T

Principles of Boldenone Muscle Builder

Boldenone is a derivative of testosterone (testosterone is derived from Dianabol, and Dianabol is derived from Boldenone), so it inherits most of the properties of testosterone, such as androgenic ability and protein synthesis ability. Boldenone keeps the nitrogen balance of muscle fiber cells tending to be positive at any time, and accelerates the synthesis of protein by muscle fiber cells, so that muscle fiber cells expand and expand

boldenone undecylenate benefits

Boldenone has a slightly different structure than testosterone and therefore exhibits different effects.

Mainly include: increase muscle strength, highlight blood vessels, increase appetite, and analyze water. Since the vast majority of Boldenone products currently on sale are Boldenone Undecanoate (EQ), its decomposition and onset are too slow, resulting in many of the above. The characteristics are not easy to reflect; Boldenone acetate (BoldA) is too strong to make it very uncomfortable to use (over-analyzed water); and the mixture Equilon, which is strong enough and easy to tolerate, has a small dose and is not available on the market. very rare, unfortunately

Main side effects and protection of Boldenone

Boldenone side effects are similar to testosterone, but the side effects caused by boldenone are less common and milder than testosterone. Breast enlargement and development. Boldenone can be converted to estrogen (approximately 50% of testosterone) to cause this side effect, and Tamoxifen can be used as a protective agent, 10 milligrams (mg) per day orally. To be precise, it should be: "Boldenone has one less methyl group than Dianabol." Why should we say this? Because Boldenone was originally born to produce "injectable non-toxic Dianabol"

1. The first is the "moderate androgenic effect". In the article analyzing testosterone, we said that testosterone has a strong "androgenic" effect in addition to its strong anabolic (muscle-building, strength-building) effects. (This is natural. Ordinary men can only secrete 2.5-11mg of testosterone per day. If its androgenic effect is not strong enough... it will not allow us to maintain male characteristics.) Theoretically, the androgenic effect of Boldenone It's only about 50% of testosterone, which still seems strong? But remember that the so-called "testosterone has strong androgenic side effects" are basically caused by the conversion of testosterone to DHT by the 5AR enzyme, and because Boldenone has one more The carbon bond makes it difficult to convert Boldenone into DHT (in fact, Boldenone will be converted into "dihydroboldenone" after 5AR - Dihydroboldenone is an extremely powerful steroid, and its ability to promote anabolic is actually 7 times that of testosterone times as much! But the conversion amount is so small that it basically doesnt work (its a pity) this actually causes the androtropic ability of Boldenone to be greatly weakened, not just the 50% figure on the surface. That's great news! Because too much androgenicity in a steroid cycle is really just getting us into trouble and we have to think about taking steps to fend off DHT nuisances, protect our hair and prostate, and prevent body hair growth. Therefore, Boldenone is also one of the few steroids that can be used for women. Basically, women will not experience androgenization (thick voice, facial hair) with a weekly dose of 50100mg

2The second is the "very low estrogen conversion rate", which is obviously due to the unique double bond of Boldenone, which makes the conversion rate of aromatase to Boldenone sharply reduced. The conversion rate of Boldenone to estrogen is about 50% of testosterone Maybe you are thinking again: "Damn, there is still a 50% female conversion rate, why can't it be controlled to 0%?" In fact, such a low female conversion rate will only bring benefits, and the disadvantages are very few and very small. Estrogen can enhance immunity while maintaining bone density (dont forget that calcium will be lost slowly due to a large amount of protein intake during bodybuilding training) and Boldenones 50% estrogen conversion rate (dont forget this Its just a theoretical value (due to the effect of the double carbon bond, in fact, the real transfer rate of Boldenone can only be lower than this) and it provides a nearly perfect concentration of estrogen, so that you hardly need to consider the problem of anti-estrogens and can Enjoy the benefits of a small amount of estrogen (even at crazy doses of 1000mg per week with only occasional blemishes like two acnes)

3"Strongly enhance blood oxygen supply capacity and highlight venous blood vessels" Almost all steroids can improve blood oxygen supply capacity. One of the strongest of these is its ability to increase the rate at which the body makes red blood cells far better than other steroids, so Boldenone is also used to treat "primary anemia" (using Boldenone to make the patient's body rapidly produce Red blood cells so as to get rid of anemia) It is worth reminding that this ability to "increase blood oxygen supply" should be said to be the advantage of Boldenone (after the oxygen supply capacity increases, the explosive power and endurance of muscles will increase. Many Boldenone users are I feel that the strength has increased significantly) but this advantage may also be overused and become a disadvantage, that is, "overtraining" Do not overtrain just because you feel that your strength will recover quickly, and you should still ensure sufficient intensity Keep the training within 1 hour or even shorter, and don't change your original plan "training once a day" to "training 2 times a day" because of strength growth and rapid recovery, otherwise you may encounter "overtraining" troubles In addition, Boldenone can also highlight the veins very strongly. This characteristic is similar to "NO" nitric oxide, which is not available in other steroids. If you think the appearance of thin skin and tender meat is not "vigorous", then try Boldenone well it will give you hideous veins

4"Strongly increase appetite" Oh, this feature is a bit of a double-edged sword. On the one hand, in order to gain muscle, of course, you should eat more. If there is something that can increase your appetite, it is of course good, but on the other hand, if you eat too much, the calories will inevitably get out of control. ----Fat. . . . . . will become a big problem. . . . . . In this regard, you probably have a lot of confidence and think: "Cut... What's so difficult about this? I am absolutely confident that I can control eating!" Make an accurate description -- "Crazy"! Not bad, or "Crazy" Next, you can weigh it yourself. . . . . . Speaking of which, there are two steroids that have the ability to promote appetite. Boldenone and Anadrol ("Oxymetholone" is also known as "Anadrol50"). The manufacturer of Anadrol mentioned in the promotion of Anadrol: "This product can be very good. Increase appetite" It was later confirmed that Anadrol can indeed increase appetite in low doses, but in normal doses (100mg per day for muscle building purposes) Anadrol will seriously suppress appetite. It doesnot make sense

5The characteristic of "water analysis" can also be said to be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, because the conversion rate of Boldenone is very low, Boldenone neither increases fat nor stores water, and can even release the excess stored in the body. It should be good news, right? But on the other hand, the ability to separate water is a bit too much, especially in the joints, which may cause the joints to be too dry and a bit dry during training. Pain, especially when you have old joint injuries, of course, this degree of pain should be tolerable. It needs to be reminded that there is a "classic" superposition method of Boldenone circulating on the Internet: Boldenone and Boldenone Stanozolol (Winstrol) superimposed use of this superimposed is specially used to reduce water and fat, which can maximize lines and veins, but at the cost of severe pain in the joints. Because Stanozolol is a stronger water-separating steroid besides Boldenone, and because Stanozolol is a DHT product, it will reduce estrogen in the body, causing bone loss in joints and exacerbating joint pain, so please think carefully before deciding whether to use it Although this superimposition can strongly highlight the lines, the cost is the "severe pain" of the joints, especially those with old joint injuries. Be careful not to only see the benefits of "strong fat burning, strong water collection, and prominent lines" beautiful words

How to use Boldenone ?

boldenone undecylenate dosage /boldenone undecylenate cycle

Suggested use Active time: 2 weeks Effective dosage: 200-600mg/week (male) Effective dosage: 50-100mg/week (female)

Injection cycle: once a week Metabolic clearance time: 6 months

Anabolic: Equivalent to Testosterone Androgenicity: 50% As Testosterone

Active half-life: 14 days

When it comes to the use of steroids, it is nothing more than two issues to consider. 1. Superimposition 2. Treatment and anti-side effects Superposition is to maximize strengths and avoid weaknesses and make the advantages of various drugs complement each other. Therefore, the various advantages of Boldenone determine its Concentrated typical stacking methods:

1. Lamination A: "Miracle Lamination" is the most popular Boldenone lamination method circulating on the Internet (although it is the most popular, there are not many people who can actually successfully complete it). The most popular may not be Best let's take a closer look at this composite One of the most talked about advantages of Boldenone is that it doesn't store water The muscles Boldenone swells are all hard, solid, and of great quality, not as bulky as Deca and Dianabol Boldenone is recognized as one of the steroids that are "easiest to maintain muscle after circulation" (others include trenbolone, stanozolol, HGH, pure testosterone, etc. of course HGH Not counting steroids) In view of this, people naturally use Boldenone in the Cutting cycle, hoping that Boldenones ability to break down water and maintain muscle will create the "miracle stack" that almost all iron pumpers dream of ———That is, "on the one hand, the muscles are growing uncontrollably, on the other hand, the fat is being burned cruelly and mercilessly at the same time, the power is flowing around the body like a steady stream of electricity, and the blood vessels are protruding like a dead tree in spring in every piece." On the muscles..." This almost Missiong-Impossible cycle almost includes all the wishes of the iron pumper, and it can be called "miracle superimposition". This miracle superposition is true. Can it be achieved? The answer is that miracles are indeed difficult to achieve.  But don't be discouraged in fact the pioneers of steroids have partially (or mostly) achieved it! If I say "it can't be achieved", what am I writing? Hehe then please wipe the drool from the corner of your mouth

and continue reading Testosterone propionate 100mg/day continuous injection for 14 weeks (or 8 weeks and then replaced with testosterone enanthate 700mg/week for the next 9-14 weeks continuous injection) Boldenone 400mg/week continuous injection of trenbolone for 13 weeks 50mg/day continuous injection for 10 weeks Stanozolol 25mg/day (or 50mg/day) Continuously taking PCT from the 9th to 14th week The treatment starts from the 16th week and continues for more than 3 weeks to achieve the "miracle" superimposition, which is also a treasure Danone is the most "appropriate" superposition method under people's inertial thinking mode. However, although this superposition is the most common and popular, the analysis of its advantages and disadvantages is rare. If I also directly make an excerpt, it would be too boring. To be honest, this superposition has some traces of "academic" idealization, but it is respected as Boldenone's optimal superposition solution on the Internet, so let's take a look at how to analyze this superposition carefully from both sides. It is not difficult to find that the drugs that create "miracles" all have water-separating properties (boldenone, stanozolol, trenbolone) or no water-storing properties (testosterone propionate) without exception. Steroids of this nature are arranged together to achieve maximum control of the body's fat synthesis and water metabolism, while their strong anabolic abilities can promote muscle growth to achieve the two most difficult points in the "miracle": "Length muscle Lose fat at the same time" I have just said that most of the "miracle" is achievable. The part that can be realized is the function (muscle gain + fat loss + strength + blood vessel) and the part that cannot be fully fulfilled is the "degree" ( Muscle is not "growth without restraint" Fat is not "burned mercilessly" Of course the good news is that strength and blood vessels will indeed become very ugly) In such a cycle a well-trained athlete can increase muscle by about 15 -20 lbs fat loss 10-15 lbs bench press strength gain about 15-20 lbs (or more) and blood vessels should be marbling so the miracle has mostly been achieved! However the "miracle stack" Often it doesn't work (according to statistics about 70% of people will fail, that is, muscle gain does not reach the minimum threshold of 15 pounds, fat loss does not reach the minimum threshold of 10 pounds, etc.) Why? Because people tend to forget "Train, eat, rest

——Three elements of bodybuildingthe ultimate dogma of bodybuilding instead hopes to be turned around by medicine Let's see how to use the "miracle stacking" correctly. First of all, it is training. Many people feel that after using this stacking, their explosive power and endurance grow so quickly that it is like what was said in the previous articleovertraining Therefore, controlling the training intensity and duration is an important precaution for muscle gain in this stacking. In addition, it needs to be reminded that many people are used to training on equipment and then do aerobic directly. This is usually no problem, but in this stacking, due to the addition of trenbolone There will be a problem of shortness of breath, especially after anaerobic training, it is especially inappropriate to do aerobic, so it is recommended to separate anaerobic and aerobic time, such as aerobic in the morning and anaerobic in the afternoon, or arrange aerobic in the rest day. It has probably been found that the dose of Boldenone in this combination is not high: 400mg/week (the recommended dose of Boldenone is 200-600mg/week for men) Since it is for muscle gain and fat loss, why not use a higher dose Dosage? It's tough if it's more than 400mg/week. There's another problem. Even if you can suppress your usual appetite, you still have such a painful situation. Trenbolone can cause severe "night sweats" basically every night. Woke up by this unlucky night sweat. When you wake up and find that you are sweating, you will also feel unparalleled hunger. At this time, can you resist this unbearable hunger and continue to sleep? The problem of appetite is also a miracle An important reason why superposition often failsone of the seven major sins of Catholicism: "gluttony" commits this "sin", even God can't save you! Finally, "pain" we have said in the previous article Boldenone will "water separation" and Stanozolol is better than Trenbolone. So the three drugs simultaneously expel the water in the body and cause joint dryness. In addition, Stanozolol and Trenbolone can also cause bone density in joints Lowering this makes the joints worse. The pain they bring to the joints together cannot be underestimated. Many people also fail at this point. So I would like to advise that if you have joint injuries, do not choose this cycle because it will Makes you sore that you can't train properly Even though a lot has been said about the "miracle fold" this fold is not worth trying in my personal opinion as it really is a pretty expensive thing to do" Discounted MiracleOn the other hand, there must be sufficient training intensity, and on the other hand, the amount of training must be well controlled. This shows that this stack is advanced (or at least the addition of intermediate and upper-level trenbolone also proves that this stack is definitely not a rookie who is just getting started on steroids. Able to manage) superposition without 4 or 5 years of training and diet experience is estimated to be impossible

2. Superimposition B "Muscle-increasing superimposition" is worse than racking your brains and doing cutting carefully and laboriously. It is better to exercise hard, eat and sleep, and play Bulking. Think about the powerful appetite-stimulating drug like Boldenone Why do we have to worry about how to control calories and how to control appetite? Just enjoy the title of "big stomach king" brought by Boldenone. Eat him 7 or 8 times a day, and the people next to you will stare at us dumbfounded. look. It's really hard to think about it for a long time. How to combine Boldenone's muscle-building bulking? Considering that Boldenone's common product is undecanoic acid, which has a longer lipid chain and a longer release time. ) Acid chain structure: Therefore, its onset time is similar to that of testosterone undecanoate, which reaches the peak blood concentration at about the 8th and 9th week of the cycle. Therefore, the FrontLoading technique and other drugs KickStart can be considered and should be injected continuously for about 12- 13 weeks Dianabol: 50mg/day continuous use for 6 weeks Boldenone undecanoate: 500mg/week continuous injection for 12 weeks (FrontLoading can be used in the first week) Testosterone enanthate: 300mg/week continuous injection 13 weeks PCT Because of water analysis, stanozolol is not arranged at the end of the cycle, and because there is no stanozolol, a larger dose of Dianabol can be arranged for KickStart in the first 6 weeks (or 4 weeks shorter) of the cycle (both dianabol and stanozolol are "17aa" products Seriously damage the liver) so that the body can quickly enter the muscle-building state at the beginning. After Boldenone and Testosterone Enanthate enter the state, Dianabol can be stopped. The water storage caused by Dianabol in the early stage will be properly precipitated by Boldenone in the later stage to obtain High-quality muscles and lines Because Boldenone itself has a certain androgenic effect (about 50% of testosterone), it is generally not necessary to add testosterone fat in the Boldenone cycle, but in order to combat its excessive water analysis ability Therefore, low-dose testosterone enanthate is arranged in the cycle, which is optional. It is also possible not to add testosterone enanthate (in other steroid combinations, the dose of testosterone lipid is generally greater than the dose of other steroids) and finally to combat side effects and Treatment Because Boldenone itself has weak female/male tropism, Boldenone itself can hardly cause any noticeable side effects (under normal doses), but considering that there are other drugs in the stack, such as the commonly used Dianabol , testosterone, stanozolol and so on, so you only need to consider the side effects of these added drugs. That is to say, there is almost no need to consider the side effects of Boldenone unless there are other "additives". However, Boldenone will also suppress endogenous hormones, so PCT Treatment is necessary, usually tamoxifen Nolvadex or Clomiphene Clomid is enough

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